Its time to start your story…

I have such a strong passion for the transformational experience that happens when you open yourself up to experience something new! The world is full of stories to waiting to be discovered! Maybe its just to another state, a trip with your family or friends, or a once in a life-time experience… its time to make it happen!

I have an undergraduate degree from the Univerity of Wyoming in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism and am currently working on a Master in Tourism Management and certificate in Adventure Tourism through Colorado State. I not only love travel, I live it and understand it.

I have years of experience in personal, group and pilgrimage travel with groups as small as 10 and as large as 120+, national and international. Whatever you are looking for, I can make it happen.

Miles to Memories is not a travel agency, instead I am an independent contractor working with reputable travel companies to make your dreams come true!

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