On your mark, get set… let’s go! Sports travel.

Having spent the better part of the day watching the College Bowl games be filled, I started to think about how much travel people do for sporting events. I found out there is a projected global economic impact of sports tourism of $90.4billion for 2017, and 84% of those travellers are spectators! People are traveling to watch their favorite teams, athletes and events and I bet all of us have wanted at one time or another to be in the stands.

Why the big attraction to traveling for a sporting event? Everyone has their own reasons, but there is nothing more exciting then standing with multiple generations of alumni from your college cheering your team on to a bowl victory. To be able to say “I was there!”. Sporting events melt away cultural differences by bringing multiple people together! It is about being a part of the team, the event at the moment! When families attend together it becomes more about making memories together then the actual final score. It truly is about turning those miles into great memories.

Generally the hardest part of traveling to sporting events is obtaining the ticket to get in! But to a determined traveller, there is always a ticket somewhere for sale. Many times it just takes advanced planning and that is where a travel agent can be your greatest asset!

So on our mark, get set… lets go!!

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