Lead your own pilgrimage!

Okay it is no secret that pilgrimages are what I am most passionate about! I have enjoyed all aspects of them from participating, to developing, to hosting.  People often tell me how much they would like to go on a pilgrimage, but then usually follow it with a whole bunch of excuses why they can’t. Mostly time, commitments and money, which are real obstacles, but only that, and ones that other pilgrims had to get over too!

So what does it take to lead a pilgrimage?

  1. Desire to go somewhere with the intention to come back changed.  Whether it is for religious reasons or personal reasons, let the desire by your motivation.
  2.  Motivation to reach out to a pilgrimage company (I highly recommend Pathfinders) and share your desire and start a discussion about options.
  3. Courage to talk to you church community, civic organization, and/or family and friends about the pilgrimage and gauging interest.
  4. Commitment to yourself that you can do this! To the team that will assist you in the marketing and conversations about the pilgrimage with potential pilgrims and with the pilgrimage company.
  5. Perseverance to believe you can make this happen!

The first step is to follow your heart and begin the conversation! You would be surprised how many others have the same desire as you!

“This is the story of how a Baggins had an adventure, and found himself doing and saying things altogether unexpected.” ~The Hobbit


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