Grand Canyon Adventure

Day 3 takes me to a place I have wanted to go for years, the Grand Canyon! Not only do I want to visit and hike the area, I want to raft part of it, take the mules rides and stay in one of the Historic Lodges. I want the whole iconic experience! The train may or may not happen, but for my basic budget, I am just putting in my must do’s. I picked the first week of May in 2019.

  • Flight from Denver to Flagstaff- $375
  • Rental car for the week- $300
  • Room at the Bright Angel Lodge for 5 nights- $575
  • Iconic Mule Ride- $142.38
  • Float trip out of Page, AZ- $445.00
  • Park Pass- $80
  • Hiking, Sight-seeing, etc.- Free 🙂

Total for my adventure to the Grand Canyon-  $1,917.38

Could I make it cheaper, sure! I could drive, it is only about 13 hours from Cheyenne. I could choose to stay outside of the park, but I want the iconic trip! The Float Trip is the most expensive activity I have picked, but honestly it is a teaser for my Ultimate bucket list trip of one day rafting through the Grand Canyon and I know I would regret not getting in the water!  I could (and should) spend more time hiking, but again I want the iconic trip feel, so a couple of day trips are enough for now. The beautiful thing is once I have experienced it, if I truly believe it will be the experience I think it will be, I will want to go back and get off the beaten path. Regardless it will be a great experience.. someday!!

Who is ready to join me??


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