Footsteps of St. Paul… Greece!

For numerous reason St. Paul has always been one of my favorite Saints. From his conversion, learning, and evangelization efforts life seemed to have always taken him in a direction he was not intending to go! He is known to have disagreed with his traveling companion, spent time in jail, and worked as a tentmaker to fund his ministry. He also loved deeply, defended the gentiles and truly had a strong desire and passion to share the Gospel!

One of the great places to walk in the Footsteps of St. Paul is in Greece. Paul is responsible for bringing Christianity to Greece, in fact many of the books in the New Testament talk about his time and experience in Greece. He is known to have visited Paliapoli (Old City), Kavala (Neapoli), Philippi, Thessaloniki, Veria, Athens and Corinth.

Outside the footsteps of St. Paul, Greece itself just has an incredible history to experience!  From the Pantheon, to Santorini, the history, culture, cuisine and people continue to put Greece towards the top of my bucket list!

The best way to see Greece is with your faith community on a pilgrimage through Pathfinders! A 14 Day/12 Night Pilgrimage, including a 4-day cruise of the Greek Islands will run about $4,999/person, but that includes: Airfare, transfers, lodging, 2 meals/day, cruise, guides and admission when needed. Not to mention a experience that will forever transform you!

Let me know when you are ready to host a pilgrimage! I can not wait to help you get there.


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