Kayak a bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico!

Okay, so this is a pretty specific Bucket List trip that also opens itself up to some other incredible adventures! Puerto Rico has three bay’s that feature dinoflagellates, a class of microorganisms that emit varicolored lights. On cloudy or moonless nights you have the best opportunity to experience their “glow” and their glowing also intensifies as a natural response to your paddle disturbing their environment!

There are two bays that are easily accessible, Vieques Island, near the capital, San Juan and Laguna Grande at Fajardo on Puerto Rico’s east coast. Of course I want to go to both! However I also want to hike to some of the amazing waterfalls, take in the culture and most importantly spend some time volunteering my time in a country still rebuilding from the Hurricane. There is so much work that needs to be done and a spending part of my vacation giving back is truly an incredible experience that makes a huge difference!

For two people to experiencePuerto Rico, plan on budget of $4,000, which includes airfare, lodging, kayaking tours, culinary tours, hiking tours, food and the ability to get yourself to some sites and communities to volunteer in! Not a bad price for an experience that gives back to others, while experiencing the entire beauty that is Puerto Rico.

P.S. No passport required!!

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