Ultimate Tour of Christmas Markets in Europe.

I know I have written on the Christmas markets in Europe before, so I’ll keep this post simple and short! Also I am posting what I would consider to be the Ultimate Tour of the Christmas Markets, it may not be what I would actually end up doing, as the reality is you cover a lot of ground in a short amount of time, and while the sugar and shopping alone would keep me going, I have a feeling I would be exhausted when I got back home.

This itinerary is 11 days/9 nights and the route goes to the following places:

I selected the dates of December 10-20, 2018.
Flights: $1400/pp
Hotel rooms: $1550
Transportation between cities (a combination of flights and rail passes): $650/pp

The total for the Ultimate Christmas Market Tour is $5,650 for two people!

Are there cheaper ways to do it, absolutely! Starting with just picking a few to go and visit, in areas that you are interested in! Instead of 11 days/9 nights, make it 7 days/5 nights and try and concentrate on not having to move hotels every nights. You could also take a River Cruise, which is actually a little bit more expensive, but covers a lot of places, and you only unpack once!  Also many tour companies hosts annual tours! Better yet, get some friends together and create a group tour of your own! There are historic Christmas markets all over Europe, and you can enjoy several of the magnificent religious sites alongside the markets.

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