Drink the Worlds BEST craft beer… Belgium.

This again is a repeat of a earlier post, but the pilgrimage I had hoped to do in October didn’t pan out, and with it being like a million degree’s today, a nice ice-cold beer sounds perfect for today and my bucket list travel countdown! Besides I still really, really, really want to go on a pilgrimage to Belgium to experience the Trappist Monasteries! I am sure some other people out there want to go too!

Traveling from Amsterdam through Belgium, we experience 8 of the 11 Trappist Beers in the world, including Westvleteren 12, ranked often as the best! We experience the amazing works and spiritual lives of the monks, who serve as inspirations to all of us as we journey through our own pilgrimage of faith! We spend time in Bruges, Kinderdijk along with breweries, tap rooms and chapels!! It truly is an experience unlike any other.

For less than $3,000/person, this pilgrimage includes flight, lodging, transportation, entrances, 2 meals a day, and amazing memories to last a lifetime!This pilgrimage is not about beer, it is about community! Discovering it, creating it, and celebrating it!

Who is ready to go? I would love to talk with you about an opportunity to co-host this with you! You may even get to travel for free! Yep, you read that right, who wouldn’t want that? It truly is a pilgrimage you will never forget!

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