I know this is another repeat, but it is my travel bucket list, and Ireland is right up at the top! To price this trip out, I went a little different and based it on when I could find the best price for a flight! Low and behold I found a roundtrip ticket out of Denver, Departing May 1, 2019 and Returning on May 11, 2019 for $565!

One of my desires in traveling to Ireland is to not really be stuck to a schedule. I want to spend some time in County Cork researching what I can about my family, but I also want to hit all the fun spots and great Pubs! I want to stay in Bed and Breakfasts and plan to just go day-by-day. I will definitely have reservations upon my arrival in Dublin, and the night before I depart, but thats it! Two of my best friends traveled through Ireland this way and loved it! Based on some research, I am planning on about $1000 for lodging, but I know that is high! Car rental is close to $400.

This is an adventure I actually wouldn’t mind doing by myself… maybe that should make it even higher on my bucket list? I only had to price it out for one person, so the estimated cost would be $1,965. Honestly I believe I could do it for close to $1500 if I do a little bit more research before I land at places for the night! Also for two people, I estimate it would only be $2830. Not a bad price for a bit of luck of the Irish!

I also would HIGHLY encourage Ireland as a great pilgrimage option for your faith community! St. Patrick and St. Bridgid are beloved Saints, and there is even a great option to add on Scotland. Ireland truly is an enchanted land, full of something for everyone!

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