Go Bungy jumping in the place it was created… Queenstown, New Zealand!

Until January I probably could have not pointed out Queenstown, New Zealand on a map, much less told you that Bungy Cord jumping was created there, and it has earned is permanent reputation as the “Adventure Capital of the World.” Now I can tell you the different types of tourist, the annual economic impact, a marketing campaign to attract non-adventure seekers, and more information then you would care to know! However what I have discovered is that from Bungee jumping, to epic mountain bike trails, to jet boating, Queenstown is an adventure seekers dream! The more I have studied about Queenstown, the more the tourism major in me feels like I need to visit it and experience it! However the South Island is only a part of my bucket list trip to New Zealand, and the heart of it is visiting my cousins who live in Wellington and would love to be my personal tour guides.

As Wellington and Queenstown lie on 2 separate island, I would take my cousins advice and fly into the South Island and tour it first before heading over to the North Island and touring that with my family. (Although they are invited to the South Island too!).  I planned my flights for January, our winter, their summer, so higher prices! Although I think it is always expense to fly to New Zealand!

My budget for New Zealand is not realistic to others in that for my 2 weeks adventure, I Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 9.28.38 PMam planning on my cousin hosting me for half of it! Therefore I only budgeted lodging and rental car expenses for half of the time I am there. Also my food expenses would be a little lower as well because there would be the option to eat some meals at home. Also I would have 3 great tour guides, under the age of 10, so my time on the Northern Island would be spent different then a regular tourist, (although Hobbiton would be a must, as those are my people!).

Heading over in January of 2019, here is what my budget is:
Flights: $2200, flying into Queenstown, and returning from Wellington.
Ferry to get from the South Island to the North Island: $51
Rental car for South Island: $350, picking up in Queenstown, dropping off in Nelson.
Activities: $1500, anticipating spending between $100-$200 on the activities I really want to do, and other days just enjoying the scenery.
Lodging: $834
Grand Total: $4,935, so roughly $5,000! and worth every penny!

I imagine that no matter what takes you to New Zealand, the experience would forever be a part of you and I can’t wait to someday make it part of my story!!

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