Tickets to a special event? Plan ahead!

As I was scheduling out my to-do list for the next 48 hrs, one “magical moment” appeared at the top of the list, register for the WDW 1/2 Marathon and 5K this January. RegistrationIMG_3560 opens on the runDisney website at 10am MST tomorrow, July 19th. These races tend to sell out, sometimes within the day, other times within the week, so it definitely can not be a last minute decision!

Special events can create amazing memories to last a lifetime, however pre-planning is your best bet to guarantee a great and stress free time, plus save you money in the long-run. Tickets to big concerts, popular athletic events, and annual events tend to sell out fast, leaving those who waited until the last minute to decide to go either outside the event, or paying well above ticket price.

Here are a few suggestions to help you get in!

  1. Check their website often! Most of the events have websites that will keep you updated on all of the current information, including when tickets will go up for sale. They will also updated any other pertinent information you might need. For example I was going to include in this post about the Wranglers National Finals Rodeo tickets, as they sell out extremely fast. I went to their website today for the first time, and was surprised to see that the multi-day tickets went on sale today! So know a great bet for tickets is by checking their official ticket link on their website to see what others are selling, obtaining them from the ticket exchange window at Cowboy Christmas, or buying them off of, or some other 3rd party vendor.
  2. Sign up for email alerts! A flooded inbox full of information you really do not need is indeed frustrating, but email alerts are great reminders about when to start preparing for the event, and even after you have secured tickets, a great way to stay on top of the planning process.
  3. Put it on you calendar! Whether you use a phone or the calendar in the kitchen, put the date down so you do not accidentally forget it!
  4. Read their ticketing information! When the tickets open up for sale, are you putIMG_5282 into a lottery or a queue based on when you accessed the website? Does the website allow you to enter into a queue ahead of the tickets opening? Is their a pre-sale option? For example with the Kentucky Derby I paid an additional fee to be allowed into the pre-sale of tickets. For Hamilton tickets in Denver, I entered into the website as directed and was assigned a lottery number of “its not happening!”. Tomorrow the runDisney website opens at 10am and hope that all the runners are not also registering at 10am 🙂
  5. Set up your login information ahead of time! Before I started writing this blog today, I made sure that my runDisney login was active and ready to go. All of my information is already entered, so tomorrow all I have to do is log-in, select the races I want to run and pay the registration fee. Every event I have secured tickets for I have done this. Most ticketing options will hold your tickets for a few minutes in your cart, but if you have to set-up an account or reset a password, your tickets will most likely disappear. Last year while trying to secure opening day tickets to the Colorado Rockies I learned that tickets, even if they are in your cart, are not yours until payment has posted! I even had all of my accounts ready to go and still went to checkout only to find out by the time I entered my credit card information, the tickets were gone.
  6. Do not be afraid to dial in! In todays world we love the option of logging right into a website, selecting our seats and checking out without having to talk with an actual person. With events that tend to sell out quickly, get on your computer AND the phone! The year I went to the NFR, I actually got into the ticket office over the phone faster than I was able to do it online! As I finally got online as I was on the phone with the person, it showed that 2 tickets were no longer available together, however the “real” person was able to see two seats that were stacked and other seating options the computer does not comprehend.
  7. Do not be discouraged if it doesn’t work out. One of the main draws to several of those events is there limited availability. I have discovered there is always a way to get into the event, just depends on the price you want to pay! Many of the events, such as the NFR and the Kentucky Derby offer “experience packages”, which include the tickets and also some other great events and activities. Honestly I wish I would have booked an experience for both of those events!

Hopefully my tricks/tips will get me registered without any problems tomorrow morning! If they do not, I’ll come back and edit this post 🙂 I just know this is what has helped me in the past, and with the exception of tickets to Hamilton in Denver, I have been able to secure tickets to everything I have wanted to see.

Have a great day and enjoy those once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

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