El Camino de Santiago de Compostela

Sept 2-12, 2020

For most of the last 10 years, I have felt a call to the El Camino de Santiago de Compostela,  or in English: The Way of St. James. The Camino is a network of routes through Spain, leading to Santiago de Compostela, that have been walked by billions of pilgrims since the 9th century to the tomb of St. James, the Apostle.

The reasons for walking the Camino are as varied as the individuals who walk it, however the common core element is that they all set out on pilgrimage. What is a pilgrimage? Well in the simplest of definitions a pilgrimage involves a physical journey to a determined destination, with a hope of being transformed. They are traditionally associated as a religious or spiritual journey, but today more and more pilgrims are setting out for personal, physical and emotional transformations and some just for the challenge of doing it.

The most popular and traditional route for the Camino de Santiago is the Camino Frances, beginning in St. Jean Pied-de-Port in southern France. This route is 780km and takes about 30-35 days. As much as my spirit would love to complete the entire route, my reality does not afford that option. Luckily for the majority of pilgrims like me called to the Camino, you only need to walk the last 100km to receive your Compostela (pilgrims certificate.)

Intrigued yet? Well then consider joining me on The Camino!

I know like me many of you have wanted to hike the Camino and the timing is never right, or even finding people to go with never works out. This is finally my year to do it, and I would love for any of you to experience it along with me as well. However before you start reading all of the details of this incredible pilgrimage below, a few things you should know at the start:

  • This is not a guided or group tour. The Camino is a very personal journey, everyone will be walking their own pilgrimage. No one is in charge, I am merely just coordinating the logistics to get there and on The Way.
  • This is a guaranteed pilgrimage. Meaning that there is not a minimum or maximum number of pilgrims required to make it a go. The dates are set. The pilgrimage is set. The only thing missing is any additional pilgrims.
  • You are not expected to keep pace with the group going, or anyone for that matter. In fact you are encouraged to walk your Camino at your pace. You don’t have to worry about outpacing the group, or slowing them down. It is your Camino! It’s okay if you are like me and get distracted by shiny objects 🙂 It’s okay if you want to find people to talk with along the route, or take some time in personal reflection and silence each day. Its your Camino! Not mine or anyone else’s.
  • The benefit of going in the group is you have people to start with and enjoy the experience with, along with a place and people to check in with every day. Of course you still will meet many incredible pilgrims along the Camino as well.

This all started because I truly believe once the Camino has called your name, your heart is restless until you go.  For over 8 years, mine has been restless. I am excited to go and to share this experience with any of you who have been called to do the same. Buen Camino!

Sept 2nd: Depart Denver (or your closest airport)
Sept 3rd: Arrive in Santiago, Spain, transfer to Sarria, the starting point.
Sept 4th: Preparation Day.
Sept 5th: Sarria – Portomarín (22 Kms).
Sept 6th: Portomarín – Palas de Rei (25 Kms).
Sept 7th: Palas de Rei – Arzúa (28 Kms).
Sept 8th: Arzúa – Rúa (18 Kms).
Sept 9th: Rúa – Santiago de Compostela (21 Kms).
Anticipate arriving in Santiago de Compostela in time for the Pilgrims Mass at noon.
Sept 10th: Free Day in Santiago (possible optional Wine Tour)
Sept 11th: Depart Santiago de Compostela
Sept 12th: Arrive in Denver.

Shared room: $2660*
Single room: $2980*
Which includes:
– Roundtrip flight from Denver to Santiago de Compostela.
– Transfer from Santiago de Compostela to Sarria, Spain.
– Accommodation in Hotels and Country Cottages.
– Rooms with private bathrooms.
– Daily Breakfasts.
– Daily luggage transfer.
– Pilgrim credentials.
– Detailed information on the Camino.
– Transfer in case of emergencies.
– 24 hour phone assistance.
– Travel insurance for the land-only portion.
– VAT.
*Cost is based on Airfare and lodging quotes on 01/15/2020. Airlines tickets will be booked in April. Land-only portion prices are locked in upon receipt of deposit. 
*Early booking discount available

Payment Schedule:
Jan. 28th, 2020:  $400/double, $525/single- non-refundable deposit
Apr. 17th, 2020: $1800*- non-refundable airline ticket booking.
Jul. 17th, 2020: Remaining balance.
*Price subject to change.
** Registration is open until 30 days prior to departure. Although flights and lodging with the group can not be guaranteed after the dates listed above.

What is not included:
– Transportation to/from Denver Airport or Parking.
– Meals not stated above.
– Optional Tours.
– Any necessary equipment. Although a list of suggested items will be provided.
– Transportation in Europe not listed above.
– A tour guide or manager.
-Possible overnight in Frankfurt on return flight.

Interested now?
Feel free to contact me for more information or details on how to sign up.

Buen Camino!

2 thoughts on “El Camino de Santiago de Compostela”

  1. Enjoy! But the walk from Sarria will be far from solitary. Over 50% of pilgrims who walked the Camino Francés last year walked from Sarria. You are missing out on so much. Nevertheless, it will be the experience. Buen Camino!


    1. Thank you for your comments and what a great experience for you to have completed the entire route! That is truly an amazing accomplishment. I am aware of all that comes with only doing the route from Sarria. I have done a ton of research and talked with several people who have walked the full route as well. What I have discovered is whether you walk 700km or 115km, the common theme is that you are “walking your Camino” and that has a way to transform you. No matter where you travel, you can not see it all or do it all, so you instead open yourself to new experiences with the time you have and make the absolute most of it. My Camino will be no less significant for me as yours was for you… that is the beauty of the Camino! I can not way to see what The Way has in store for me and those traveling with me.


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