A note from our owner

Hello and thanks for stopping in!

From my earliest memories I have had a passion for travel! My bedroom walls were filled with postcards from family friends as they took amazing adventures. I use to love watching the Love Boat and always dreamt of growing up to be Julie, the cruise director! I always had a list of places I wanted to go, still do!

Travel to me is not just a job, it truly is my heart and soul! My experience includes 2 internships with Walt Disney World, 15 years of planning youth group travels and pilgrimages regionally, nationally and internationally, and lots of personal travel as well. Currently I hold a Masters degree in Tourism Management with a graduate certificate in Adventure Tourism from Colorado State University and an undergraduate degree in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism from the University of Wyoming.

I truly believe that travelling not only can inform us, but can transform us as well. We not only can discover a whole new world, but we can discover a whole new us as well!

Whether you are looking for a personal experience, or a pilgrimage for a group, we can get you there! So lets chat and see how together we can turn your dreams into realities and your miles into memories!


Amy Larsen