Our Services 

Initial Consultation- Free. 15-20 minute initial consultation to briefly discuss your travel needs and what service would be best for you.

Packaged Vacation- Free. Think single destination, All-inclusive Mexican Resort, Cruises. The entire vacation package is generally purchased through a single supplier.

Airline tickets only: 
The fee’s are listed below and will be collected before any potential itineraries are presented to you. For your fee you will be provided with at minimum 2 options for flights, with a preferred flight and alternative option. We will continue to work on itineraries until we find the perfect on for you. If you decide to book on your own, please note that this fee is non-refundable.

$20/ticket, not to exceed $50/immediate family.
This includes tickets from departure airport to arrival airport and back to initial departure airport. If additional plane tickets are required there is an additional charge of $10/ticket. (Such as island hopping in Hawaii or around Europe).

$150/groups- 10 or more people.

Why do we charge for booking airline tickets when you can book online yourself without one? Well, because you came to a professional travel agent to book them and you would not go to another professional and expect them not to charge you for their services! Airlines unfortunately do not pay travel agents commissions and it takes time to research the best flight options for you and your group, plus to book the actual ticket. The plus side to this is there is no obligation to book a particular airline, so you are truly presented with the best options for you. You are also welcome to book your inflight and let us take care of the rest!

Customized Planning Fee – $125. This includes vacations that are not available through a traditional supplier (i.e., non-resort, cruise or attraction based) . This also includes vacations that include more than 2 destinations, multiple departure locations, 8 or more people, or anything else that would constitute a customized itinerary.  Based on our conversation, we create 3 custom itineraries for you to choose from that include transportation, lodging options, activities and any additional request from our initial conversation.  Each additional itinerary is $25. These itineraries are good for 30 days, although we cannot guarantee availability or prices will not change as they are often out of our control. This fee is non-refundable.  If after the 30 days you have not booked, the planning fee becomes a fee for services rendered through Miles to Memories, LLC.

Booking process

  1. Fill out the contact form or phone Miles to Memories for your initial consultation.
  2. Fill out service agreement, read our Terms And Conditions and pay service fees.
  3. Select your itinerary and pay the required deposit and fees within 30 days of receipt.
  4. Make your final payment as stated on your itinerary.
  5. Miles to Memories will send you your completed final itinerary with all confirmation numbers, additional reservation information, maps and driving directions, along with local information.
  6. Finally rest assured that Miles to Memories, LLC is available before, during and after your vacation to assist you any way we can.

Changes, cancelation, additions

After the initial itinerary has been agreed upon a $35/person service fee will be applied for any changes, cancelation or additions to the itinerary.