Grand Canyon Adventure

Day 3 takes me to a place I have wanted to go for years, the Grand Canyon! Not only do I want to visit and hike the area, I want to raft part of it, take the mules rides and stay in one of the Historic Lodges. I want the whole iconic experience! The train may or may not happen, but for my basic budget, I am just putting in my must do’s. I picked the first week of May in 2019.

  • Flight from Denver to Flagstaff- $375
  • Rental car for the week- $300
  • Room at the Bright Angel Lodge for 5 nights- $575
  • Iconic Mule Ride- $142.38
  • Float trip out of Page, AZ- $445.00
  • Park Pass- $80
  • Hiking, Sight-seeing, etc.- Free 🙂

Total for my adventure to the Grand Canyon-  $1,917.38

Could I make it cheaper, sure! I could drive, it is only about 13 hours from Cheyenne. I could choose to stay outside of the park, but I want the iconic trip! The Float Trip is the most expensive activity I have picked, but honestly it is a teaser for my Ultimate bucket list trip of one day rafting through the Grand Canyon and I know I would regret not getting in the water!  I could (and should) spend more time hiking, but again I want the iconic trip feel, so a couple of day trips are enough for now. The beautiful thing is once I have experienced it, if I truly believe it will be the experience I think it will be, I will want to go back and get off the beaten path. Regardless it will be a great experience.. someday!!

Who is ready to join me??


The Catholic Churches of Rome and Krakow.

For Day 2, I am going back to two familiar destinations, Rome and Krakow. Part of the reason is that even though I have been in both cities 4 times before, every time I go, I experience something new and fall in love with the city all over again. The other reason is that I was asked by a friend  to lead a small group pilgrimage for her in September that she can no longer lead and this is a great platform to get the word out on it! So in case you have every wanted to visit these amazing cities, this is an incredible opportunity to go!

“Come discover the Catholic Church in Rome and Krakow! Our trip will include a visit to 12719401_10153265716567541_468051784173633888_oSt.Peters Basilica, the Vatican museums, and beautiful churches and historical sites in Rome plus we’ll travel in the footsteps of St John Paul II, the Jewish quarters and ghetto and Auschwitz and Birkenau camps in Poland plus lots of great food, art, architecture and culture. The cost is $2100 and include airfare, hotels, ground transportation, breakfasts, most dinners and all tours. Deadline to register is June 30. Register at” IMG_5741

There is so much to write about Rome and Krakow that it is hard to contain it in a short blog post, but the history, faith, and truly the people make these two destinations a spiritual pilgrimage that will transform you!



While I know this pilgrimage is last minute, if it has peaked your interest and you can not go, consider getting a group together and hosting your own Pilgrimage! At Pathfinders we have some great options for pilgrimages and host benefits! You will not ever regret this amazing experience.